Our Story

Photography by: Mark Goode

Photography by: Mark Goode

Olive Massaquoi

Founder and Executive Director of BEE Liberia

A Liberian immigrant herself, Olive Massaquoi established BEE Liberia to support the students attending the Olivia S. Washington Schools of Liberia. These schools were founded by Olive’s mother, Olivia Sarnor, and have been serving the village and city communities of Monrovia for over 12 years.

Photography by: Mark Goode

Photography by: Mark Goode

Olivia Sarnor

Founder of the Olivia S. Washington Schools of Liberia

In 2005, Ms. Sarnor traveled to Liberia and realized the extent to which war affected her hometown. She noted the lack of educational efforts and how badly the community suffered as a result. Ms. Sarnor did not bring back horror stories to tell her friends and family in America, but instead asked herself and God what she could do.

That same year, though she was single-handedly supporting her five daughters, Ms. Sarnor started an after school care program with what little means she could spare. That small program has presently blossomed into two different schools that continue to enrich the lives and education of hundreds of underprivileged Liberian children.

Our Partners

OLIVIA S. WASHINGTON SCHOOLS OF LIBERIA are institutions dedicated to serving the educational needs of children from Gbarngba Town to Monrovia and surrounding towns. The school's focus over the past decade has been on preparing children from ABC (Pre-K) through 7th grade for a successful future, both academically and socially. 

 1.  Ghbanba Town

250 Students

2. Red Hill Field

247 Students


TOTAL : 497 Students and their families