Believe Educate Empower



Our Mission

Believe. Educate. Empower.

BEE Liberia’s mission is to educate and empower Liberian students and improve the quality of community life by utilizing social services and technology.


Our Vision

For many Liberians, illiteracy and poverty are daily realities. Our vision is to achieve a sustainable Liberia in which every child has opportunities for affordable quality education and social services.

Our Students

We offer and support educational opportunities, technology, and social services to underserved Liberian communities, especially youth.

Like our acronym, BEE (Believe, Educate, Empower), we believe that through solid educational and social services, we can engage and empower a new generation of Liberian boys and girls to go on and excel in any field.

Our mascot, the bee, also symbolizes the resilient, collectivist, intelligent, strong, and resourceful nature of our students and community.

Watch our interviews below with students of the Olivia S. Washington Schools of Liberia to learn about their experience, interests, and aspirations for the future.