Obtaining a quality education can be difficult when there is little access to financial resources and no access to vital infrastructures such as running water and electricity. Many of our hundreds of students are less fortunate and were forced to walk more than an hour to attend school. This need drove us to work with our community, local and abroad, to offer students an engaging quality education that is forward thinking, yet affordable.         

Believe Educate and Empower, BEE Liberia began with two schools. The Olivia S.Washington schools of Liberia have been serving within the community of Gbarngba, Monrovia since 2005. OSW started as an after school program to support the local children academically, and was increasingly motivated to establish the school due to the daily influx of diligent young Liberians, who were eager to learn.

The first school comprises of more than 200 students in Gbarngba community. This is the only school available to community members within a 2 hour walk. While our second school has over a 150 students enrolled and is located in Red Hill Field, Lower Virginia, Montserrado County. The OSW Schools of Liberia and now BEE Liberia  believe that through quality education and social services we can continue to empower a new generation of Liberians to be transformational leaders. 

Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery
— Horace Mann