We offer and support educational opportunities, technology, and social services to the underserved youth and communities of Liberia. Like our acronym BEE (Believe. Educate. Empower) we believe that through solid educational and social services, we can engage and empower a new generation of Liberian boys and girls to go on and excel in any field. Our mascot, the bee, also symbolizes the resilient, collectivist, intelligent, strong, and resourceful nature of our students and community.

We are revolutionizing the Liberian school system by offering computer classes to our primary school students. We provide school lunches or snacks, which enable our children to be focused and stable while the learning process continues. We also offer our community free access to our schools library. Our goals include expanding our property to offer more instructional space and after school programs where they can complete homework while also being mentored in a safe and encouraging environment.

Please consider partnering with us both financially and prayerfully to continue to build our community through education.

The people of Liberia know that education is the key to the country’s future, the means by which their children will raise themselves from poverty. They also understand that the more a person is taught to think for herself, the more she will do so and will not be so easily led


Our mission is to empower and inspire Liberian children and youths through education, while utilizing technology and social services to improve the quality of community life. 

OUR Vision

Our vision is to actively assist in promoting a sustainable Liberia in which every child has the opportunity to affordable quality education and social services.